phace2_1277268776There are those that believe that the current structure, and or state of Hip-Hop, is without artistic value. That Hip-Hop has lost its way into a sea of generic assimilation of beats, scenarios and lyrics. There are those whose judgments have arrived at a singular conclusion. True Hip-Hop is dead and may never see the radiantly light of day it possessed, so very long ago, during its golden age. The Emcee known as Phace (pronounced face), is not one of “those”. He is a part of the chosen few. Phace is a new breed of Emcee that harkens back to what once was and can be again.

Born in the concrete jungle of Newark, “Brick City”, New Jersey, Phace is destined to impart his gritty yet imaginative and inventive form of Hip-Hop. This Emcee began his hip-hop journey at the age of 11. He seamlessly blends a true East Coast style of Hip-hop with the graphic imagery that is Newark. He has also honed his free-styling, in the gladiatorial streets of Newark. His dedication to the art of true Hip-Hop has earned him the limitless respect of his peers.

Phace stands apart from the current industry standard of utilizing a track to carry an inferior Emcee. He is aware that it takes much more than a repeated synthesized sound, along with accompanying chorus, to construct a genuine Hip-Hop. His potent delivery has always left the gathered masses in awe. His body of work, which will soon speak for itself, remains ever devoted to his Hip-Hop roots.

Phace is currently working hard on a bevy of multiply diverse projects, performing and constantly improving. All the while, he remains true to his Hip-Hop calling. Phace is seeking to sign with a record label that can share in his vision and is equally as driven as he is to develop the Hip-Hop art form to its truest stratospherically like heights. The record label that signs this dedicated Emcee will be making an investment in its own critical success.